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I think the title is misleading

I feel that in a contender using very heavy bullets, this could be a great 327 Whisper type round. Other than that, I struggle to see what it can do that a 357/38 cannot already do. Also, at 48k psi, I'll bet it is pretty loud!
No offense to this poster but since you are betting, it sounds like you have never heard the report of a 327 so I am betting you have never shot one either. As you cannot see what it can do, you probably haven't read posts 20-600 either. (Not that I blame you) or felt the reduced recoil.

BTW- I would have the same opinion except I have shot one and own one.

I have followed this thread for many months. About every 2 weeks, someone sees the topic,"what went wrong" and think they are joining a 'BASHING OF THE BULLETS' without reading the posts.

This is followed by the same 10 or 20 who valiantly defend it and the few hundred who wish they could have said it that well.

Rinse and repeat next week.

I wonder if it would make sense for BillCA, Sevens, Frankxxxx, Meyers etc to re-post the great data and graphs under a new title and close this one out.

Call it "The 327, what went right in spite of bad marketing" or "The little bullett who could" or "The bullet marketed before it was understood" or something with a positive note.

I know it would take time to re-post it once but I don't see this ending any time soon under this same name.

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