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unless my eyes deceive me greatly, that is a P.38 and an Astra, top and bottom
Correct. The P38 is a late war Oct 1944 made V block CYQ with the late war cogwheel hammer. Here is a picture of both hammer styles, cogwheel on the left. Cogwheels most likely start in 1944 and end in 1945 when production shortcuts became even more obvious.

(P38 on left is top in the first photo from the other post while P38 on right is the P38 pictured lower in this post)

The astra and P38 from the group photo are both all matching non import. The Astra is a 600/43, one of the 31k made for the Nazis by the Spanish. This is one of the ones that was not delivered, and captured by the Allies. They are 9mm luger, not largo as many of the astras are IE the 400. You can find a 600/43 for around $400 if you're patient. If you want one of the Nazi delivered ones, maybe $2000 or so. Mine is not import marked however. Here is a thread that covers them. Mine would be considered second contract, SN 22XXX.

The P38 will run $400 for an import marked dipped shooter to say $5000 for a 480 code rig (480 was the original Walther code with AC being used later) or more for certain specimens. There are a lot of bad P38s floating around, educate yourself first, buy one second, which is how I do things.

I just got this P38 at the same gunshow Turps was at. It was $625, CYQ E block, red mottled grips. Now of course I think this was a great price, but just to give you an idea. CYQs are most common, but any P38 thats correct is no longer a walk in the park to find.

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