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Ridge_Runner_5 The receiver doesn't need to be labeled pistol. When the dealer sells it, he notes it as just a recevier. As long as it hasn't had a stock mounted on it, you'll be fine.
To be considered a "rifle" it must have BOTH a barrel AND a stock attached. An AR lower receiver with a shoulder stock only is most definitely NOT a rifle.

quite a few people selling new lowers from their "private collections", so there's no paperwork involved.
If it's done at a gun show, there must be a background check done regardless.
Federal law only requires licensed dealers to run the FBI NICS background check...and it doesn't matter if they are selling at a gun show or at their licensed premises. If the seller is not a licensed dealer they do not have access to NICS. If you state requires nonlicensed sellers to run a background check it is state, not Federal law....and it isn't FBI NICS.

Gun shows constitute 3 or more people viewing firearms in one location.
Again, that might be your state law, because Federal law doesn't define "gun show" that way. See § 478.100 Conduct of business away from licensed premises:

DougU I believe that Ridge Runner is correct. If you are dealer you will be endangering your FFL selling from your "private collection" at any show or industry event. It is very very difficult for an FFL dealer to claim private transaction. I have family that are dealers and he will not even do a private transaction for me to buy back a turkey gun I sold him before he had his FFL.
Uh, no. ATF regulations clearly allow a licensee to sell firearms from his private collection. Not only is it not difficult, but ATF easily and clearly details how long the firearm must be in the dealers private collection (one year) to allow it to be sold, traded or gifted without need for a 4473 or NICS. If the licensee decides to sell, trade or gift the firearm before that year is up....he is required to do a 4473/NICS. See § 478.125a Personal firearms collection:

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