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Thanks, already exchanging emails with Theis, and will likely order later today. Had read all of the earlier threads last night and had basically pre-selected one based on past postings.

One thing that I found missing was an actual review of the ability to actually tuck a shirt over the thing. I'd be interested in comments on the technique. Bear in mind that I have carried a 1911 in a IWB Milt Sparks Summer Special for many years, but no longer wear a jacket day to day, thus the tuck-quest along with the flatter pistol. Believe me: changing from the 1911 to the Glock 36 was a huge sea-change for this old Gunsite Grad.

So: Even if you do not tuck in your personal use, can you comment on your ability to do so should you so desire?

Others please chime in?


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