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Hmmm: Show me a $100 difference in advertised price between a Uberti "x" and a Pietta "x" from mainstream sellers please?

Bearing in mind that there is no such thing as a "Brass framed 1860 Army" other than Italian copies", let's stick with steel frame 1860 Army copies as a comparison:

We all know that Cabelas is pretty much a price leader in all of this stuff... try this: They sell Pietta 1860 Army Frame revolvers for $240

S$S sells Uberti (imported by Taylor's) Steel Frame 1860 Army Revolvers for $280.

Uhh... <sigh>... that's $40 more for the Uberti. That's a no-brainer decision for me to make to not have markings on the gun that shout out "replica".

Do not confuse anything with a brass frame with any of the steel frame stuff. You will see both brass and steel frame "versions" of the same pistol being offered at different prices, sometimes by the same vendor. NOTE that there were NO brass frame "1860 Army" revolvers manufactured by Colt. This is purely a Farb-Fantasy Gun, but... to compare prices:

Midway: Pietta Brass frame "1860 Army Farb-Fantasy": $259

Midway: Pietta Steel frame 1860 Army: $299

So... if you compare BRASS Pietta and STEEL Uberti it's $80... and it's not a fair comparison.

You can find "Traditions" marked Pietta BRASS FRAME 1860 Army Farb-Fantasy revolvers for about $220.. and you can find Uberti steel frame 1860 Army's from Cimarron for over $400 if you REALLY try. But you are comparing apples and applesauce... for any actual one-on-one comparison there is no $100 difference in what a sensible shopper will pay for the same description of an item between Uberti and Pietta.

To me, I'd gladly pay $100 for no markings, as I hate Farb-Anything and truthfully I'm not terribly price sensitive, but... I don't see that as the average difference in price.

I've never had a bad experience with any of the modern (IE: not 1960's) Uberti's and I've owned (and own) a big-box-o-them. I've opened up Piettas and looked at the internals and.... uhh.... <sigh>... well, it's the difference between Colt and H&R. Both work. Different corporate view of "quality". There is a reason for any price difference.

Sensible shopping really closes the price gap between the manufacturers.



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