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Thanks everyone. Gun show was a bust, oddly enough only a few tables selling a handful of lowers and could not find anyone selling pistol uppers.

I did almost pull the trigger on a suppressor but went with my gut and did not make a split second decision. This particular dealer was offering Gemtech Trek's for $550 and setting up trust for $50 if I bought the suppressor from him. He claimed to have a flawless track record with atf approving his trust, but with all that I have read lately about the atf getting picky I decided to come home and research the dealer some more and most likely use a real lawyer. As others have stated and I agree, I don't mind paying for some peace of mind and the whole thing seemed interesting but fishy to me.

On a side note.. After talking with the handful of suppressor dealers, all of whom conveniently did not sell take apart suppressors they all warned me of the "dangers" of a take apart, pressure, blow ups etc if not tightly reassembled. Sales tactic right? A take apart is preferred for cleaning correct?
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