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Self Defense gone Wrong

Claiming that an average citizen who very likely has little or no training under stress should be able to react in a calm, deliberate and perfectly lawful manner strains credibility.
This is the big question with carrying a gun. Claiming the average citizen cannot act right when carrying a gun also strains credibility and does a disservice to those that carry! My own experience at being twice robbed, once at knife point and once at gunpoint proves this. I was unarmed but knew exactly what to do in each situation. I was unarmed and complied with the criminals. Maybe I was lucky. There are no guarantees in an armed confrontation! The third time I was accosted, I was ready! I pulled out my .357 S&W and leveled it at my attackers and cocked the hammer. They put down their crowbars and quickly left. I could have blown them away. I didn't. My feelings are, if you can't react in a calm, deliberate and lawful way, you shouldn't be carrying a gun.
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