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I'm a Canadian who was also looking at taking a course in the USA.
Searching on a Canadian website brought up the actual problem.

The US Government, particularly the US Department of State views training of non US citizens as an export.
This is under ITAR regulations so the person training the foreign national can face the same penalties for training as for providing you with the actual arms.

What you will need to do is to fill out form DSP-83 and attatch to that an export permit provided by the Japanese senior firearms export control officer in your Department of Foreign Affairs For International Trade.

The cost is $250 for the application and it is non refundable if you are declined.
I don't know how your minister will react when you request such an export permit since I'm sure that you'll be one of very few people who have made such a request.
Don't be surprised if your version of the secret service starts to have a closer look at you and possibly your political affiliations.

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