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I have followed this for the last couple of days when I first heard about it. It seems to be a tragedy for the tire store manager. It went from bad to worse in a very short time, and may now have long term penalties.

As to a couple of points, at least how I see them from my point of view.

The officer in uniform:

I have not heard any absolute details on the uniform the officer was wearing. If it was the traditional "type" uniform for patrol, the uniform then should be enough of a notification that this person "is" a real police officer. I put the "is" in quotes because rarely someone may steal a uniform, but its very rare one tries to use it to impersonate an officer. If it was a polo style shirt, etc, I could understand some concerns about that, but in a public area, such as this, with others around, I would take my chance that it is a real police officer. Basically, how I have always been taught and trained, is that in regular patrol duty uniform, that is enough notice for people to realize I am a police officer when I am working. If I am wearing a dress down type uniform, it is generally accepted to say "sir/ma'm Im a police officer and would like to talk to you about, etc" just sa C.Y.A. What I say depends on why I need to speak to them. Tattoos are pretty common nowadays too. Some depts require them to be covered when you work, some are a bit more loose on the standard. It varies a good deal. Most people just glance at an officer and dont look at some details like that.

As far as the shooting:

The tire store manager had the right to defend himself when he was threatened. While I understand it can be said he was panicked and did not know that the police officer was a police officer, I feel he made a mistake. While yes he was probably for all acounts really scared and shook up, you still need to know and realize your target, and whats behind that, etc. Ultimately, right or wrong, you are responsible for each round you fire.

What does strike me odd, is the fact that in the article it mentions a crowd of people helped to struggle the tire store manager, and help the officer. If your resisting an officer, and a crowd of people help the officer, its kind of hard, at least in my mind to not think that the officer is a real police officer. If there is an officer in uniform, and others are telling you he is an officer, and are helping the officer detain you, why dont you listen and stop resisting?

Again, just my personal views, Have a great day all.

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