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I guess I must be inapprpriate because I don't shoot my compound bow "all year long" In fact, I may go as long as 2 months in the middle of winter without shooting it at all. The rest of the year I might only shoot a couple times a week so every deer and turkey I kill must also be inappropriate............
DougU, I think he is talking more about people who bring it out a month before season and shoot it once or twice before they go out thinking it is a crossbow.

I do know a guy who sights his weapons on one day a week before season and that is it. He is in his 60s and spent a lot more time with them when he was younger. Once he shot a single shot with his muzzle loader at 125 yds, it was on target and he put it aside satisfied. He has hunted at least twice as long as I have been alive and no reports of him wounding anything that got away, so I can't judge. I know others who don't shoot well enough to be able to zero their shotguns at 45 yards with $50 worth of sabotted slugs.
No offense. I've just gutted alot of deer and found alot of broadheads in them... I shouldn't have made that all year. I should have said "shot enough to guarantee making a killing shot at the range the shot is taken".

I know one guy would pull his bow out the day before the season started, shoot a couple arrows and he was ready. One time he stumbled and tripped (not really) and shot a deer at 60 yards. Then he bragged about doing it when in fact he couldn't hit a paper plate at 10 yards consistently. That was my point.
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