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Not looking for an SD round, I CCW a .38spl or .357 mostly

I prefer to think that the performance difference between .22LR and .25ACP amounts to splitting hairs.
I'm on-line with that, I'm not trying to compare something to save my life like my 7.62x25 Tok, 9mm, 38spl, .357mag, or heck my 44mag if you really make me mad.

I do own a NAA Mini 22lr revolver for a backup for CCW. I also have a hail Mary Baby Browning (chrome with pearl) 25acp, for HD, God forbid if I ever needed that thing. It was a gift, but that's another story for another time.

Ok, which "bullet" is typically longer? Overall shell, and bullet the 22lr is longer. And I'm not talking about that specialty long sub sonic 22 60g with the short shell with the longer bullet.

I just pulled out an UMC 50g FMJ, and a GDHP 35g in .25acp, and, I pulled out a CCI Stinger 32g, and a Remington Thunderbolt 40g in 22lr.

Wow, what a contrast! The two 22lr shell's has different shell length's. The CCI is longer (shell), but the overall length is about the same.
So I guess there is no definitive answer, unless you pulled out the bullet out of the shells and measure them.

But I learned something here, a 22lr shell is not a 22lr shell, is a 22lr shell.
Did you get that? Some are longer or shorter.

I'd still like to know just for sakes, are the .25acp are longer or shorter? But I think I answered my own question in a quirky kind of way.

Thank you.
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