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"A 150 grain bullet is on the verge of being over-rotated in a 1/10" twist barrel of any length."

Yeah just like a 30-06 with a 1 in 12" twist won't stabilize 220 gr. bullets.

My point is I disagree and I've been playing with the 30-06 since at least 1956.
I have several rifles in 30-06 including a custom based on an FN Mauser that has a 1 in 12" barrel. The last time I shot it with 220 gr. Sierra round noise bullets at 200 yards the group was 1.25" and none of the holes showed signs of tipping. The rifle has generally shot at 1 MOA or less with everything I've run though it.
However, there is a reason the factories have stayed with the 1 in 10" twist. It works. I have no argument with someone who is a dedicated target shooter who feels one twist rate or another better suits their purpose. i've probably shot more 150 gr. bullets in the 06 that anything else although I did give up on them for hunting because of too my damaged eating meat.
Frankly, I prefer 165 gr. bullets in the .308 Win. and 180 gr. bullets in the 30-06.

"Thanks for all the input, and the rifle won't be used for hunting, I'm just a paper puncher until I can get my girlfriend on board with killing our furry neighbors."

I don't want to take this off thread but get hold of a coiple of good venison steaks, cook them for you and the GF but do not tell her what it is. I had a girl friend that wasn't keen on hunting and I did just that. Took a bunch of steaks to a friend's house and we did them up on the barbie without a lot ot sauce. Just a little salt, pepper garlic and onion powder in melted butter. One the way home she commented on how good the steaks were and I told her it was venison from one of my deer hunts. I married her and she goes hunting with me now. No gaurantee but it worked for me.
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