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"It arrived with the triggerguard misaligned with the frame."

This is why my rule is "Never Buy Pietta Anything", including "Traditions" etc. Stick to Uberti imported by Taylor's or Stoeger. Stay away from Cimarron for your BP Pistols... I experienced a TERRIBLE customer service episode there and am still waiting for a nearly $1000 refund.

MOST of the stuff sold by Cabelas is Pietta. VERY LITTLE of it is Uberti. And what they list from Uberti is usually out of stock. There's a shortage of Uberti black powder revolvers available right now. Production cannot keep up with demand. On the other hand, there are tons of Piettas... because by comparison they are crap.

Beware the "Colt Second Generation Walker" now being sold on Gunbroker from Annapolis MD. It's an estate gun being sold by someone who does not know that "Colt Second Generation" and "Italian Copy of Colt" are two different things. I recieved some detailed pics and it's likely a ASM repro, not a Colt.

Uberti's are available on Gunbroker if you can wait a week... they pop up almost daily. Prices vary. Just grabbed a Uberti Remington 1851 this AM with the antique finish from there, at $225, which is about $200 off retail, so if you know what you are looking for you can do OK.


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