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It's the best Browning they ever made with the FN action. Don't get rid of it. Those were made before Browning came out with the A-Bolt back in the early 80's(?)... Looks like someone botched up the original stock with some syrup finish. They had some beautiful finishes on their guns back then and I don't know why anyone would do that.

I also learned alot about those guns from this thread. I had never heard of salt cured wood before but being a metallurgist I can't imagine any engineers with a company contemplating putting a wood stock with salt in it against a steel action. Doh!

I think if you found someone that works on stocks that could remove that varnish nightmare and re-finish it to a glass finish the proper way and THEN seal the inside of the wood with a finish/coating that would keep the metal from direct contact with the wood, you'd have a collector's piece. And no worry whether the stock was salt cured or not.

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