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Someone, please, explain to me how this would work? Police can't trace a gun they don't have. SO, the gun already HAS TO BE IN CHICAGO for the police to trace it (after they take it from a criminal), so, how does making it easier for the police to tell where a gun WAS (through registration records) stop or reduce the flow of the gun into their city, WHEN IT HAS TO BE THERE ALREADY for them to trace it?

Now, if I'm missing some part of the grand master plan (that would actually make it work), PLEASE, fill me in!
Simple. Time travel. The police go back in time and seize the gun before it is given to the criminal. The problem they have been running into is that he just goes and finds another gun and commits the crime anyway. Soon they will be able execute the criminal before he does the crime however and then everything will be GTG. They just need a few more trillion in stimulus money to perfect the time machine.....
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