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Alright y'all, I finally got to go to the range today. Some observations, then results.
First, the Gp100 is still a very heavy weapon, even after all the dry firing practice.
Second, Ranges make me very nervous. Even when I have them all to myself like today.
Third, buy more ammo before going signing into the range. Total Homer D'oh moment. Meant I didn't get to try the goldsaber ammo I bought after the range time.
Fourth: The range masters eyes get really wide when a 24 year old kid wants 20 targets.
Fifth and finally. I really need a bloody twenty two revolver, but more on that latter.
After 90 rounds fired, double action
Fifty Foot Timed National Pistol Targets, at 21 feet, five rounds of 130 grain SWFMJ Winchester ammo per target
Mean score per shot 7.9
Mean score for a target 39.9
Mean Group: 4.61"
Mode Group per target: 4"
Mode Score per target: 40
I tend to miss low and right. Or high and right. Mostly I miss right. Also I don't really have any values in my mind to compare these to, so I'm not sure if its terrible shooting, or alright shooting.
The Report
The first few targets were terrible. I was getting used to being at a range, and watched, and remembering that the gun goes bang when you pull the trigger and I started with a 7" 8" and 7.25" group before I got into a rhythm. After that I got a little annoyed at myself and went into my old boxing mindset. A kinda, alright you want to kick me around, well I'm going to do this my way, and you can just watch me.
After that I stopped flinching so much (though I still flinched the first time I pulled the trigger every single time, even though the first time the hammer fell it was always on an empty chamber.
Finally I started pulling the trigger with the first crease on my index finger, and really really really watching the front sight. As I breathed out I'd actually say "front sight" to myself, and that worked fairly well as long as I remembered to do it. When I became concerned with stance, or where the bullet would hit and not the front sight I'd still bugger up.
When I got done I packed up, stowed my weapon and looked around. Pretty sparse pawn and gun place, and the only .22 revolvers they had were Heritage Rough Rides ($240-$290) with convertible cylinders, but they felt heavy and I didn't like the fixed rear sights, its nothing like my Ruger, and thus maybe not as good for practicing?
A Ruger LCR in .22 which was so much money my brain has blanked out the price and which has a barrel too small to use for squirrels or rabbits (which I want to go shoot with my fiancee)
And a Taurus model 94 tracker that was only chambered in .22 mag which kind of defeats the purpose of getting a .22. I need it to be cheaper to feed.
So I'm going seriously in the market for a .22 and I'm going to get a range membership. I need to practice. Any more advice that you can give me would be great!
Also is Winchester Ammo supposed to be really dirty? It took 20+ patches some with Hoppes No. 9 on them before they started coming out cleanly.
Pic of my Revolver and best group.
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