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Get the Smith, get the Smith... for Pete's sake... Get the Smith.

The Umarex needs to be adjusted to your ammo of choice.

Then there's the cleaning part.
1. You need tools to fieldstrip.
2. The Umarex only magically needs a spray and a wipe. Yep. Santa lives on the Northpole and you will win the Jackpot this month without buying a lottery ticket.

The Smith doesn't need adjusting. Load it, shoot it. Period.
It fieldstrips without tools. The safety operates like on a true AR.

And another big pro for the M&P15-22...

You can tinker with it. Want another pistolgrip? Not gonna work on the Umarex, but you can put on anything on the Smith.

Hate the trigger on your Umarex? Get used to it.

Wanna throw in a Rock River, JP or any other aftermarket triggergroup in the Smith? Just go ahead, it's a millspec triggergroup.

Same thing with the stock.

The Smith is the much better value for money rifle with much less hassle.
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