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For practicing stuff not allowed at public ranges, don't forget about airguns.
You can do that at home in any manner you like.
Along with dryfiring your real gun, getting the feed back of actual holes in targets is mighty useful practice.
Try to find one that mimics your real guns as much as possible.
Not difficult these days with the very authentic models of airsoft and pellet pistols.
Funny you should mention it cause I was thinking about picking up a co2 powered BB handgun, I tried to use my brothers but its broken.

When you can keep 8 or 9 shots out of 10 in the black at a slow fire target and I don't care if its 50' or 50 yards you are ready for some fun shooting namely time and rapid fire.
How big is this black area? I make my own targets out of loose lief paper, I trace a quarter with a sharpie then color it in.
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