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Gun show lower receiver question?

Hi everyone! I've been lurking for a while learning as much as I can. I am planning to do a 10.5" ar pistol build soon with the intention of registering/converting to a SBR after setting up a trust and receiving the stamp.

I know from what I've seen posted here that stripped lower receivers need not be marked pistol only and that when a dealer transfers to me it will be listed as "other" on the form 4473. This will allow me to build it out as either in the future.

There is a gun show in town tomorrow and while I do not normally attend these I was thinking I may go look around. If i find a receiver there from what I remember from gun shows years ago there is no paperwork involved. Cash and carry here in SC. Would this potentially cause me any issues with being able to build as a pistol or register as a rifle?
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