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No, it's a full on Browning High-Power Safari Grade rifle produced by FN from 1959-1974. I don't know why jhnrckr mentioned the action specifically, since FN made the entire gun.
This is correct, but most actions were made in Belgium by FN and some were made by Sako in Finland. This is an FN action but its from the transition period from control-round feed to push feed. Can you post a picture of the bolt face?

From the pictures your stock looks like it was either refinished or replaced at some point.

This thread also talks about them:

Yours is a 1969 production based on the Serial number, 9=1969, L=Safari Grade though most of the 1969 production I had seen had the date code at the end of the serial number and with two digits like this 63000L69. I would rule out 1959 because they were all 4 digit serial numbers.

There is a really good write up on them here:

here is my gun and the bolt face:

Mine is a 1965 gun with the Control-round feed Improved FN Mauser action. These guns are very similar to the pre-64 Winchester Model 70. Depending on your action it could be closer to the post-64 Model 70

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