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22lr compared to 25acp. Two part question

What bullet is longer?

I own both a 22lr (Rifles and handguns) and one Baby Browning 25, cute little things, aren't they?

I know they have about the same calculated energy, let's not make that a debate. My question is, which has a longer bullet, the 22lr, or the 25acp?

The 22lr shell/bullet is obviously longer as a whole side by side (the 25 is shorter), but it's what I don't see is what's past the rim of the shell inside. Does that make sense?

One thing I heard or read about the 22lr is, they tumble, or yaw if you may. It's quite obvious (like the .223 or .556) they (25cal) are thicker in aspect ratio than the .22.

My point is, if the 22lr bullet is longer than the 25acp bullet, it might do more damage in soft tissue, and I'm not talking about just dog's. LOL

TBS, if you got this far, I know the 25acp is a center fire, and as a generalization is inherently more reliable.

Sorry to rant, I just want to know.

Also, speaking a yawing, now that your yawning, I shot (at 726.6 fps LOL) a GDHP from my Baby Browning into a pool a few years ago at about a 45 degree angle. Sorry no pictures, I lost that little thingy

Now this is my own data, after recovering the bullet, it showed expansion, but not a mushroom like you would expect, but it did expand to the .25cal width, almost like a .25 wadcutter. But here's the clincher, one of the peddles opened up beyond the .25 and really stuck out.

I see this as good, it just might tumble and still get good penetration. What do you think Bill?

I'm not sure this was planed by design, but a good concept for a small caliber short range popper.

Food for thought, time for lunch.

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