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I have one like your's except in .270 Win. I am the second owner, and the original owner received it as a wedding present in 1959. Mine has serial number that starts as LXXXX which is as best I can tell 1959.

Your rifle does look to be refinished on the wood I believe. Your serial number starting with a 9L is a later rifle, and I am guessing 1969. It's been a while since I tried to research mine. but I believe the 9 indicates the year on later guns, but then the letter did to on some of the later guns. I think I remember those guns only being made from about 1958 or 59 until it was either 74 or maybe 79, but I believe the later ones were on a Sako action, and yours looks like an FN Mauser Action, like mine.

Yours has the original stock, since the serial number is also in the stock channel, however some of theses guns made in the 60's had saltwood stocks and most of those got replaced. If your's had been a saltwood stock, the bottom of you barrel and action would be very rusty by now.

Do a google search, you won't get much, but there is a little info out there that will help you.
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