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it is a lot of fun.
but unfortunatly, it is a bit like ipsc.
if you don't spend the money on the modded gear, you cannot win.

for instance, using a stock holster and stock ruger vaquaro, my draw and shoot times were .6 seconds.
aimed was .7 seconds.

fastest times were in the .33 second range.

BUT they miss a lot. So much so that sometimes they empty the gun and never hit. Which adds 2 seconds to your time.

I did the math and found that if I had aimed each shot, I would have placed high enough to win back my entry money.

But that still isn't good enough to win.

My first match, I broke the vaquaro due to over spin on the cylinder.

an old guy loaned me his spare.
It was so light, I thought I was holding a cap gun.
I know the cylinder was aluminum, not sure about the rest. Changed it out to the steel one for blanks.
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