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Thanks Doc, I was drawing the conclusion as to which gun he was talking about. But still the Colt Open Top model had a Navy and Army series. The new model, Army, Navy and Police series of 1860-1862. Richard Mason Conversion 1860 Army Revolver,1873 Single Action Army, 1892-1903 New Army and Navy revolvers, and of course the ARMY SPECIAL Model starting in 1908. So you have to be a little more clear when you say Army model. I am on the prowl for a nice 1892 Navy or Army Model, myself. Totally different from Colt SAA 1873 model.

I have seen nice used Colt 1873 SAA for around $1350. Go to this web page and gives you a good idea of the prices.
I have bought several guns from Ray Meibaum. At $1600 , you are paying top price. So you have time to look around. Plenty of them out there. I bought two nice used Uberti Colt clones. 1873 Colt SAA clones imported by Taylor Arms. 5 1/2" nickel plated with blue screws, walnut grips. I think very pretty. Used $325 for one, then three months later and 200 serial numbers apart its twin for $299.
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