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The thing is, not all shooting is self defense.

I shoot for fun, thousands of rounds a year, but except for the odd rattle snake or critter going after my chickens, I shoot for fun.

Yes I practice at short ranges, and I also practice at long range, not because I think I'm going to have to defend my self at extended distance, but because I SHOOT FOR FUN.

Trying to engage targets at 100 yards requires me to concentrate on my fundamentals (and its fun).

I'm not saying I can even hit the target 100% of the time with my 642, I can't, no where close. But its still fun trying.

But besides being fun, it does help with my fundamentals. After a session of extended range shooting, my close, normal snub nose revolver shooting distances improves immensely.

It's not fun setting at 7 yards and tearing the center out of a silhouette target, nor do I learn anything.

The exception is improving my speed and presentation, that's fun too.

I recommend every one try their pistols/revolvers at 50 or even 100 yards. You'll enjoy it and probably will learn something.
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