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I converted at VZ24 actions to 300 Win Mag and 7mmRemMag with the same 300 H&H case head. Those cartridges may be registered at 64kpsi, 61kpsi, and 54 kcup respectively, but they are all good for 72kpsi and long brass life.

I fired what Quickload thinks is a 108 kpsi load in my 7mmRM VZ24 and it jammed the rifle.

I got the bolt out. I don't remember if I pounded the bolt handle with a hammer of pulled the barrel off. I have done both so many times that I lose track.

The bolt had swollen in outside diameter right behind the lugs. The receiver had constricted in inside diameter at the lug abutments.

I put some valve grinding compound on the bolt and lapped out the tight spot.
Then in 2011 I took the rifle hunting, and shot a mule deer and an antelope.

I have hundreds of rifles, and could have just thrown that rifle away, but I did not give up on it.
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