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First off, I have never had an EAA (Tanfoglio) polymer anything.
But I do own an EAA Full Size Witness in 10mm Auto.
I have suffered with FTFeed issues from day one. Everything points to poor magazine design with my gun. As a matter of fact, a poster on the Bren-Ten forums, , found a solution to his FTFeed issues by fitting a Glock 10mm Auto magazine follower to the EAA Magazine body. I have yet to get around to doing this myself. However, it is on my project list.
I'm throwing that out just as food for thought.
Also, your EAA has a warranty on it. Send to EAA with the magazines and ask them to look at it. Should only cost you the shipping charges. Yes, I have dealt with their poor customer service myself. But in the end, they will repair it if something is broken.
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