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Zullo you are right-I think. Art-you are right too. What is missing here is being able for all you guys to hold this gun and do it. After 4 or 5 tries the cylinder slipped in easy at 1/2 cock rotating it clockwise. It certainly did't before. I thought it was just real tight and needed a little loosening. I was real happy. I shot 18 rounds and after complete cleaning and lubing, the cylinder would not rotate in to position. Easing hammer, 1/2 cock trying from right-- then left etc. I finally took a rubber mallet and poped it on its right side and it snapped in. It has to be that the hammer hand is not retracting all the time when trying to rotate cylinder in. I called Bill, at the store, and he couldn't rotate cylinder(on the other uberti) in and gave it a small tap w/mallet and went in.

Hey it started rotating in great until i fired it. As by last post, I wonder if heat expanded something. Look, I have had rems before and I know they are tricky but this uberti has a passion for not doing what you all say.
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