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A little clarification.

You are using incorrect terminology if you are talking about the famous Colat Single-Action Army revolver, also known as Model 1873, Model P, Peacemaker, Hogleg, or Cowboy revolver (not to be confused with the currently manufactured Colt Cowboy).

Colt collectors can especially get snippy if you call the SAA just the Colt Army revolver because Colt offered Double Action revolvers called the Colt Army Model and Colt Army & Navy models ion .38 Colt and .41 Long Colt chamberings.

Use the proper terminolgy and folks will be more helpful.

BTW, unless you are willing to spend over a $1,000 for a used SAA, you ought to check out the Italian clones. The SAA is not a robust as the Vaquero, but it is a little smoother to handle.

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