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I do most of my deer hunting with a .44-40 or .30-30. Never have lost one yet. With the .44-40, I have shot deer from 25 yards out to about 110 yards and none of them went more than ten yards after being hit. Like many have said on here, it's about knowing the limitations of you and your gun. Not what size cartridge you use. I have read about buffalo being killed in the 1800s with the old .44 rimfire Henry round, albeit from close range. Luther "Yellowstone" Kelly is said to have killed 42 of them with a Henry rifle. For those that don't know, it's kinda like a pistol round. The only deer I had to track (that I shot) was the first deer I ever shot. I was twelve and I shot a doe at about 20 yards with a .30-06. I was nervous and "jerked" the trigger. The bullet just grazed the deer's neck, but cut deep enough to cut her jugular. She went about 100 yards before she bled out. At least she was easy to follow.
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