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The opportunity for human error doesn't change much just due to the press type, we have to be careful no matter what press we use.

I have a Lee Handpress for bullet seating experiments at the range, it will work for loading at home too but I sure wouldn't want to do much of that. ANY common reloading press will work fine for a VERY long time unless the user abuses or neglects keeping it moderately clean and lightly oiled.

Either Lee's Challenger or Classic Cast press will be excellant and the prices are modest too. But don't bother with the 'breech lock" die mount system, it's a great solution to a non-existant problem, IMHO. I can easily swap normally screwed in dies in maybe 40 seconds and 'saving' about 1 minute in a loading session isn't much to get excited about.

Your rifle is fine.
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