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his explanation why Sabre is better is rock solid
It's kinda hard to ignore a little bias there, as he is a VP of Sabre Red, and his "explanation" is right off the Sabre web site. I'm sure you wouldn't want a face full of Sabre in any case, but, well, advertising is advertising. People who have experienced both brands say Fox is much stronger. The % of OC is partially relevant, as well. It's not just the percent, it's also the purity and how fast it takes effect and reaches maximum impact. Some sprays can hit pretty hard, but can take 30 seconds or so to "build up" intensity, whereas Fox seems to take effect almost instantly because of its purity.

It seems like Sabre and Fox compete for the #1 slot on the market.

I have NEVER seen ANYBODY press home an attack, real or pretend, after a face full of Fox. Check these YouTube videos: (a couple of bouncers)

Here's one using Sabre... it's obviously hot stuff, but you can see the difference.

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