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Stopped reading page 2, but still wanted to throw my experience in.

My first Mulie, 30-06 180 grain SP, 150 yds through the lungs, 160ish pound doe ran about 100 yards.

Brothers first Mulie, 243 110 grain SP (if i remember correctly), 200 yds through the lungs, 200+ pound buck took about 10 steps and dropped.

Had a friends dad who I hunted with a few times, day trips elk mostly, 25-06, took an elk just about every year. Watched him make a 300 yd shot on a nice sized 5x5, dropped where it stood.

Know your limits (yes I know for a fact I can make a Sub MOA shot to 800yds over flat land if i have my kestrel) know your rifle and ammuntions limits (I know how much est. energy all my rifles have, 223 all the way through 7mm remmag, has out to 800 yds, though I'd never make an 800 yd shot in the field).

The deer/elk/moose/bears haven't got bigger- while ammo performance and lethality has got better. Hunters have always made bad calls and lost alot of game, but this new fangled internet has probably made you more aware of those who do.
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