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LOL god I love kids, they keep you young! My wife was irritated at my daughter (she was 3 at this time) and the ol lady said "kaylie you are driving me crazy today" My daughter replied "Mama you drive me crazy everyday!" I about fell off the couch laughing!

I also took her hunting, we had been in the blind all of about 20 minutes. There wasn't much going on in the woods, no critters to look at per say. And she said Daddy? Where are the deer? I said baby I don't know, we will have to be patient and quiet and wait on them. She said " How long do we have to wait?" I said I don't know. She replied " DADDY! THIS TAKES TOO LONG IT DON'T TAKE THIS LONG WHEN WE GO FISHING!" With all my laughter, we just left and went and had ice cream!
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