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I have been mugged twice in NJ many years ago, both times I believe I was just an opportunistic target. Turned out I had about $40 in wallet both times and thats all that was taken. in 1989 my mum and I were home when we had a night home invasion by 8 guys. Guess what? Inside job, my parents had recently withdrawn a large some of money to pay for work done at the home. One of the guys who was to be paid planned and directed the whole thing. I had a crossbow but had that taken from me by one of the perps. No I could have taken him out, but my mum yelled at me to stop and hand it to the guy. Smart move on her part they left us unharmed took all the loot with them. The Judas guy came over in the morning to console us, and my dad got suspicious alerted one of the investigating officers of his suspicions about the guy's odd behavior. He ratted out his partners when they took him downtown for questioning, and he quickly wanted to strike a deal for himself.

Moral of the story really is 6 guys? They knew what was at the home they were after and it was worth it to them. Second lesson is were it not for my mum's quick thinking, we probably would have wound up 6 feet under. She figured delivering a cross bow bolt to one of the sap's chests would have only guaranteed we got killed. My blood and raging hormones said fight though. But what would I have done against 8 armed men. They all had large hatchets and daggers. I am sure I'd have taken out one, but can only imagine what would have happened next. The other thing is we were the ones who were surprised. I probably surprised them with the crossbow, but it had no effect on them. None. Looking back am glad I cooperated with their instructions and demands.

Now I live alone and they'd have to kill me because I'd just open fire and pray. Thing is we also didn't know if co-operating would have made them leave us unharmed. Its just the way they reacted to our co-operation. Sometimes you just make the task easier though. Hard to say what you would do until you are in the situation yourself. Time just slows down and events unfold in slowmo. Its crazy, and you revert to pure instincts not any real reasoned options.
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