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one thing that came to may be able to carry if your on your way to say fishing or in SC I carried in my glovebox my dads little 22.( at the age of 15 )when I got to the place I wanted to fish or hunt I put it on my side ( open carry )now 20 years latter the law still stands.but the pistol has to stay in the glovebox while in the car/truck and when at the fishing or hunting spot it then can be carried on the side.

this law is written in our fishing /hunting guid box( laws ).so you may be able to do the just need to look to see if its a law under your fishig/hunting laws.

if so just make sure you are on your way to a good hunting or fishing spot.this is what I always answered to when asked why I had a pistol in my glovebox.and yes,I was pulled a few times for speeding with the pistol in the glovebox.I would just tell them it was in the glovebox before I went for the pappers he wanted.
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