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When I was on the shooting demonstration team for the Special Ops school at Hurlburt Field, we had a LOT of different SMGs to choose from. The PPSh-41 was cool, the MP-5SD and Navy models were alright, the Beretta Model 12S had some cool features, the MAC-10 had a screaming rate of fire, the Skorpion was VERY compact, of course the old Thompsons are classics and there were more we had to choose from as well. But my favorite was the old Swedish K. Sure, it looked crude when it's laying next to an MP-5 and nopt being suppressed it was WAY louder than our silenced Stens and Sterlings but that thing was my favorite out of them all. Simple, rugged, never had a stoppage and when you did a magazine dump, it just stayed right there on the target without any effort on my part. Every now and then we would have DVs out to fire some of our weapons and in most every case, the Swedish K was the last one they wanted to fire but after the first time seeing how its performance was FAR more attractive than it's looks, they didn't want to fire anything else! Great guns from a classic SMG era!
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