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Going nowhere - we've discussed property vs. life into the ground.
Agreed. I come down a little more on the side of property rights, but it's hard to say where the line should be drawn.

On one hand, I can bar people for behaviors (ie. what they do). I can tell someone they can't hand out political flyers or wear clothing with offensive slogans. I can refuse service to someone who's intoxicated or acting irresponsibly.

What I can't do is ban people based on what they are. Refusing service solely on the basis of race, age, or handicap will land me in court in a big hurry, and for good reason.

Now, is carrying a gun something people do, or something they are? That's the question in my mind. At the moment, folks carrying guns aren't a protected class. We may have such a definition at some point in the future, but it hasn't happened yet.
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