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So, when a store posts a sign like this one, does it have the effect of law? If a person does "carry" into a Jared's are they breaking the law?
Let me give some more specific information on what various posters have said regarding "No Gun" signs in TX.

A business that doesn't sell liquor for on-premise consumption (more on this in a minute..) is required to post a sign meeting the requirements of TX Penal Code Sec. 30.06 in order to prohibit a CHL holder from entering the premises with a concealed handgun.

Other signage, including the generic "Gunbuster" sticker, does not carry the force of law to a legal CHL holder in TX.

Once inside the premises, a CHL holder is required to leave or disarm upon receiving verbal or written communication that guns are prohibited. However, in practice, this is a de facto "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. How often have you walked into a store and immediately had a clerk ask you "Excuse me, sir (or ma'am), are you carrying a concealed handgun?"

As I wrote in another recent thread (that I can't seem to find right now... hmmph), I have never seen a legal Sec. 30.06 sign posted at any DFW-area business; the only places I've ever seen them have been major hospitals and a couple of municipal buildings.

If the business serves alcoholic beverages for on-premise consumption and derives more than 51% of its revenue from such sales, CHL holders are not supposed to enter the business with a concealed handgun; no 30.06 sign is required. Such businesses are supposed to post a prominent "51%" sign near the entrance to comply with the TX Alcoholic Beverage Code (ABC). Fortunately, 51% businesses are uncommon due to all the other regulatory hurdles required to comply with the TX ABC; business owners will go to great lengths to avoid this classification. Very, very few sit-down restaurants qualify, and many dance halls and live music venues skirt the regulations by charging high cover fees and selling cheap drinks.
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