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I've been using Gunkote since 1979 for refinishing firearms, knives, remote control model boat engines both internally and externally, fingernails, eye glasses, etc. It holds up well on all of them. One thing that Gunkote has above the rest of the "spray and bake" finishes, is that it will burnish to a perfect fit. That means that parts will start out tight but then loosen up to smooth functioning fit. My RC boat engines run really hot, both gasoline and nitro-methanol ones. Gunkote stays on, doesn't fade with heat, doesn't mind being soaked with gasoline or nitro-methnaol and is unaffected by being sprayed with cold water. Yes, it will chip off of a firearm if it's dropped, kicked across the parking lot and ran over 3 or 4 times. One thing about it is that the spray cans will clog up and it turns kind of chunky with time. I buy it by the gallons directly from KG Industries but they have smaller quanities too. You'll need an airbrush for that. Curing is best done in a dedicated oven so if you do it in the kitchen, make sure the Lady is gone for the day! It stinks, is bad for you and clean the oven out afterwards. Keep yer powder dry, Mac.
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