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No a 3 dollar surprise will not make me starve, but when you order the 1895 which I did. I wanted hand select and a Tula manufacturer so I had no idea if I was paying 10 for hand select and another 10 for Tula. The listing for the nagant revolver is confusing on this. And they are in a hurry to get off the phone they were that way even yesterday when I ordered a Type 53 I got the same deal on the phone then too. I do understand they are busy. I didn't order online because the right upgrade code for hand select and Tula were not on the list.
A simple " Sir, your total comes to 139.62, give or take a few dollars because we have to estimate shipping cost until the order actually ships" would have been perfectly fine.

Not "what would you like to order?' I want blah blah blah " credit card number?' "FFL?" blah blah blah "ok have a nice day?'
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