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Witness .45 Poly Comp jamming, clip?

I hope I'm not posting to the wrong forum, I'm new here and joined because a google search showed this forum to be the only one with any knowledge on the subject. I would have replied to that post but it said it was 3000 days old so..

anyways, I have always owned 1911s, but recently got my CCW and in Fl must conceal and can be fined if the weapon is showing, so I bought my first compact. I got an EAA Witness .45 poly comp. At first I thought I might be holding it wrong. With such a short grip my pinky would rest on the clip, when the slide comes back after firing it seems the clip is really moving quite a bit and the gun jams. It's barely jamming as you can take your thumb and barely touch the slide and it will finish loading. If I shoot one handed it doesn't jam at all. I have three clips coming from the manufacturer, hopefully mine is just defective but judging from the old thread I read it's an ongoing issue. Any suggestions as to how to make this gun reliable?
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