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He can certainly OWN a handgun and its ammo at age 18 plus in Florida; I did a couple decades or so ago. (Unless the law has become stricter, which I don't think it has.) I bought a GP100 in a private sale at age 20, and my mother used to buy .357 or .38 for me to keep it fed.
From what I read from the book I posted about in post 21 he cannot buy the ammo.
As far as muzzle loaders Modern Muzzle loading, Inc. V. Magaw 18 F. Supp. 2d 29 Dist. Columbia 1998 and Bostic v. State 902 So. 2d 225 (Fla. 5DCA 2005)

if I have my loaded .40 in my glove box in a snapped holster that
The handgun does not have to be in a snapped holster. Another one of those FLA myths
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