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I was looking around youtube and found out about hi-points extremely affordable carbines. I haven't found one complaint on them and I've looked for a LOT of feedback. People say they dont look too good, but I kinda like the way they look.
congratulations! you have overcome the largest gripe aout hi points, they are ugly, if you like it then good on you.

Would a .45acp be more useful over a 9mm in a carbine? I mean, yeah, it has more stopping power, but both will have somewhat increased velocity, so I think the 9mm would be pretty sufficient?
what is the rifle intended for? if it's going to just be used for killing soup cans and pop bottles then it's not going to matter either way. if you are looking at home defense then I would recommend a pistol over carbine regardless of caliber however both have more than enough stopping power for humans. if you actually want to hunt with it then I would say that the 9mm would be good for varmints and coyotes if you can get then within 150 yards. the 45 I would say should be able to take a deer if you're picky with your shots and keep it inside 150 yards.

Ammo Prices... I'm honestly not familiar with any of the 3 cartridges. Don't own any pistols. All are available where I live, 9mm and .45acp seem more popular, but as a result, it would seem .40S&W is generally more plentiful. How do prices compare between cheap plinking ammo and premium defense ammo?
9mm blows 45 and 40 out of the water on ammo prices. if you buy bulk you can get about 1000 rounds of 9mm for $200 while .40 and .45 are both right around $300 per 1000 for the cheapest of the cheap.
Final question. Is .40S&W an intermediate cartridge between 9 and 40? Some say yes, some say no. Anyone have any more information on such a thing?
you would be correct. a lot of guys think that the 40 is superior to both but in reality most factory loads are inferior to both .45 and 9 in at least 1 of the 4 major ballistics categories(velocity, energy, bullet drop and bullet drift) while having snappier recoil than both. you can generally hold more ammo in 40 than 45 but less than 9mm. I'm a 1 or the other type guy, if I want ammo capacity I go with 9mm, if I want stopping power and gaping wound, I go with 45.
Sorry to be a total bother, but I figured it's way easier to get info on an extremely active forum than searching google for hours!
that's what these forums are here for
ignore my complete lack of capitalization. I still have no problem correcting your grammar.
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