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McDonald v. Chicago? What the win looks like!

The official docketing of the appeal;
02/06/2012 42 NOTICE of Docketing Record on Appeal from USCA re 40[RECAP] Notice of Appeal, filed by Jon Maier, Second Amendment Foundation, Inc., Charles Hooks, Michael Moore, Illinois Carry, Peggy Fechter. USCA Case Number 12-1269 (VM, ilcd) (Entered: 02/06/2012)
And over at the 7th CCA;
02/06/2012 1 Private civil case docketed. Fee paid. Transcript information sheet due by 02/21/2012. Docketing Statement due for Appellants Peggy Fechter, Charles Hooks, Jon Maier, Michael Moore, Second Amendment Foundation, Incorporated by 02/10/2012. Appellant's brief due on or before 03/19/2012 for Peggy Fechter, Charles Hooks, Jon Maier, Michael Moore and Second Amendment Foundation, Incorporated. [1] [6372098] [12-1269] (AD)
Boy, the Week of March 19 is going to be a busy one (9th CCA - Nordyke; 10th CCA - Peterson)!!
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