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I have five 308 rifle platforms,,,AR10T, FAL, M1A, PTR91 and VeprAK,,,I have had jams with all of them,,,I have five 556 rifle platforms,,,DIAR, piston AR, AK, and have had jams with most of them,,,I have five 762x39 rifle platforms,,,SKSD,,SKSM,,VEPR,,,and two Arsenal milled receiver,,,have managed to have jams with them,,,I have Glocks and Sigs and HK's and Walther pistols,, and other brands,have had jams with most of them....and two or three squib loads

Anything manmade and man operated and man maintained,,,firearms,,ammo,,magazines,,,power tools,,cars,,whatever will at some time fail,,,however the AR is more reliable than it's reputation.

It is always best to buy the best quality you can afford.

So far the only thing I have had 100% reliability with is hand grenades!
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