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I haven't shot mine in a while, but IIRC, they load more like a traditional single action revolver (i.e. the cylinder doesn't swing out for a mass ejection and reload). You are correct in that the cylinder moves forward to seal, but that is pretty easy to see when you cock the hammer (if they will let you do that at the show). There will be some with plastic stocks and others with wood ... that really is a personal preference, although I recall hearing somewhere that the wood was less common ... FWIW

The other thing is that you will see the date stamped on them, so if you have 40 to choose from, maybe you can get one from a year that means something to you?

They are fun and pretty easy to reload for if you want to go that route. They are definitely curios ... as the main reason to own one is that they are different and have some history.

Good luck!

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