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I just (a few minutes ago) took cylinder out and put it back in easy. This gun was built tight. And-when I took it down there was an enormous amount of BP residue that had to be cleaned along with much thick factory oil and grease. After 4 times removing, it fits so much better. Maybe the Uberti people shot it alot and just packed it back down with ozs of grease But anyway, thanks for the input. This is a gun that has to be broken in big time but I like it. You understand that I try to sell retail and was mad that I struggled with it. I didn't want customers to struggle. I learned. Thank you. But-I still think that hammer hand needed a lttle honing. Go on Taylor & Co web and check out their Rem selection. That's how I found it. I would consider selling my 2nd gen peacemaker to one of you. Pics are on older thread.

You see, many people come in that have never handled a BP revolver. I stock essentials but unless they are like you they get mad if they have problems. I still have an issue with this Rem cylinder thing. I can't tell them everything in yalls head and explain breaking em in. But I did find out that the Uberti instruction manual says nothing about how to put the cylinder back into the frame - Nothing! Nor does Pietta. OH well----

Thank You. I'm sure I'll run across a new problem soon. Hope you are there for me
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