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I was too thinking. The hammer hand had a sharp point on the tip. I only filed just a tiny to get the burr down. It cocks in all 3 positions much better than when it came from the factory. Now the Piettas we have had always retracted the hand back so cylinder went in and was not blocked by bolt or hammer hand. I do know that my 2nd gen colt peacemaker does not and always took a little twisting. Zullo might be right but we had a customer that wanted the other uberti and he was fairly knowledgeble and he too didn't like the struggle of how that cylinder didn't go in easy. He did (THANK GOD) bought another one.

It shouldn't be this difficult . Either from a stupid operator or mechanical design. The protruding hammer hand is not user friendly. Yeah, I can put it in. But I want customers to be able to without problems. It is case hardened from frame-top strap and backstrap-beautiful

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