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Originally Posted by zincwarrior
I didn't say it was, but since we're there...
*I saw a person with a loaded firearm in a Walmart. This struck me as being strongly out of place.
*He did not appear to be a police officer, and I was suspicious that this might be incident to a robbery that was occurring or about to occur as has happened in several big box stores recently, so I decided to investigate. Upon further investigation I determined he wasn't. End of story.

I am not saying the OC is right. I was not there, and anything beyond a quick stop should have been sufficient. I could see the above statement being made though.
The OP was in the checkout line. Open carry is legal.

"He did not appear to be a police officer" is devoid of meaning in the case under discussion. To repeat: OPEN CARRY IS LEGAL. One does not have to be a police officer to open carry in WV, therefore the fact the OP was open carrying offered nothing -- zip/nada/zero/rien/nichts/non niente -- to suggest any active or potential criminal activity.
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